Saturday, April 20, 2013

Todays walk report: 042013

Today's high, 93º f. Walk temps low 90s to upper 80s, a huge contrast to upper 50s to mid 60s a week ago and that made for a short walk, 6.37 KM. I changed back to old shoes but yesterday's decision to wear new shoes had a residual effect. Owww. I had also done minor toe surgery in the AM, don't know if it helped much.

It crossed my mind today while in the garden that the walk is always telling me a story. Not necessarily a good one but a story nonetheless. 

Happy family.

Unknown tiny green spider on blue hibiscus, Alyogyne huegelii. It's neither blue nor is it a hibiscus. What's the deal with these botanists who name plants? Do they drink a lot?

I so wanted this series of shots to come out better but again, this spider is tiny, probably less than 1 cm in body length and it was windy. I was holding and sometimes twisting the lower stem of this flower while trying to take the shot but the wind was blowing the petals too much not to pick up on movement. At the same moment I was feeling a certain amount of awe in the spider's ability not to be blown away.

That's the 2nd biggest asparagus I've ever seen!

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