Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Today's walk report: 122618

The day after Christmas.

What a beautiful day! We drove and walked today not wanting to push our luck with some recent aches and pains. And we did fine. Thank you.

It was more of the same today. Male Selasphorus sasin hummingbird, Rusty G. Alpha was in fine form chasing intruders from his territory. Every time we saw him chasing I could not get a good glimpse of the intruder. So I followed and found it was a female Calypte anna (Anna's hummingbird) which seemed to be pretty darn persistent about going back into Rusty's hood.

Here was Rusty, all over the place...

and here was the intruder. First, where she took off to after being chased...

and then back to Rusty's base.

A female Anna's hummingbird is larger than an Allen's and I believe she was able to out maneuver the smaller bird. Time for some research. Needless to say she wasn't especially perturbed about returning to his turf.

We decided to take the stairs to the top pf the hill to see if red-tailed hawks might be hanging around again today. We got two! I don't believe either hawk were the one we photographed yesterday.

But first... we heard the sirens down below and then we saw smoke. This was a lot closer to home than I imagined too.

The hawks were about 50 meters west.

You've got to click the pictures and see the larger versions. Don't be looking at this on your phone either. Thank you.

Two trees east there was this mourning dove, who was ousted from its perch when one of the hawks decided to fly over.

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