Friday, December 21, 2018

Today's walk report: 122018

I'm a day late posting this one. There really wasn't much happening yesterday and photos depended on a reliable subject or two.

First there was the big "E" in the sky. I had some trouble with auto focus on this and it had moved and faded quite a bit before I got a picture.

Then it was back to male Allen's hummingbird Rusty G. Alpha. What a delightful and accommodating little friend he is.

Then there was Grumpy bird. Grumpy was looking more pensive than grumpy today as if he had felt a great disturbance in the force or something.


  1. Actually I think Grumpy Bird looks a little wistful. The holidays can do that to you.

  2. Grumpy bird should rejoice - tomorrow the days start getting longer again!