Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Today's walk report: 122518-Merry-Christmas

Merry Christmas, 2018!

This is two walk reports in one. Aren't you excited?

Last night, Christmas Eve, we went for a walk in the neighborhood just south of us wherein lies the famous Candy Cane Lane. In our youth this was a much bigger deal than it is of late but it was still very nice. The streets get packed with cars and certainly some of the people living along the 3 blocks long and 4 blocks wide area don't especially appreciate all the commotion. Approximately 60% of the homes didn't decorate and it's my recollection that at least 85% participated in some fashion back in the 60s-70s. We walked about 1/2 of the territory, a little over 2 miles. I brought along a crappy old point and shoot camera, so just a few pics to prove we were there.

Today, Christmas Day, it was back to the local botanical garden and elsewhere on the college campus where it resides.

As soon as we entered he garden we were met with a flurry of American bushtits (Psaltriparus minimus) catching insects on a cape honeysuckle bush.

 In a couple of previous reports I have stated that this hummingbird was an immature, male Anna's (Calypte anna). My bad, today it was being swooned by an adult male and it is indeed a female.

Male Allen's hummingbird, Rusty G. Alpha was also hanging out.

Next we moved up topside of the campus, overlooking the San Fernando Valley and Docken spotted this red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis).

Once he departed, we did too.


  1. Bushtits ? Who knew ? Hope you guys had a joyous Christmas!

  2. Good photo of the handsome hawk. I hope the 2 of you had a great day.