Sunday, November 28, 2021

Today's walk report: 112821

The purpose of the walk, and there usually isn't a predefined purpose for a walk, was to go collect acorns for my two California scrub jay friends, Bowie and Mr. B. Docken said, bring your camera, you're gonna be disappointed over something if you don't bring your camera. So... I brought my camera. We also chatted along the way. Thank you Dockie!

The front gate to the campus was locked so I parked and walked in from across the street. Just past the gate is the baseball field. I couldn't miss this turkey vulture (Cathartes aura) sitting atop the fencing behind home plate. 

It's now acutely aware of my presence and approach.

Pretending to ignore me, thinking I'll go away.


At this point I just think it wished I were dead.

 So I left it alone and was on my way to gather some acorns...

I got this wrong on the last post. While there are Quercus lobata, valley oak trees, on the campus, these acorns are from California live oak or coast live oak trees (Quercus agrifolia).


  1. I expect Bowie and Mr B will be very pleased.

  2. I’ve never seen acorns like that. The ones around here are small and fairly round . We will have a lot less acorns in my neighborhood going forward thanks to Hurricane Ida. But I’m sure the B’s will think you’re Santa Claus 😎