Sunday, May 6, 2018

Today's walk report: 050518, BEES!!!

This is a no walk-don't ya dare go outside report for May 3, 2018--a couple of days ago. My girl, Docken and I were home minding our own business, I was in my office she was in hers. Her office looks out onto the front of the house, street view. Mine looks out onto the backyard. Apparently in simultaneous bewilderment combined with a strong sense of freaking out we both exclaimed in hush tones, what the F@%* is going on with all the bees! Seriously, this was like something right out of a Hitchcock movie, outside both our windows, literally surrounding the house, were 1,000s of bees. After wild thoughts of some sort of apocalyptic event taking place we realized that someone nearby must have destroyed or attempted to destroy a hive. Typically the fate for bees that lose their hive is not a good one, there was some sadness over that.

The video doesn't come close to representing what was actually going on outside even if you make the effort of clicking a couple of times to go full screen. With windows closed you could hear the bees from inside the house. The tall flowering spires of the pride of Madeira are always a magnet for bees and while some of the newly arriving swarm seemed to be making their way to those and other flowering plants most of the bees in the swarm were darting about frantically. A few even crashed into the windows right in front of me. They were agitated. It was not something you'd want to find yourself inside of.

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  1. I hope the bees have moved on. We had a flurry of them here once but it appeared to be a swarm associated with formation of a new colony, a natural occurrence resulting from the division of an overcrowded hive.