Saturday, November 18, 2017

Today's walk report: 111817

We're about to go out for a walk and before I get too far behind I thought I'd post some images from the last two weekends.

November 5, 2017. I was still questioning weather or not this was our friend Eric The Duck (go back to spring, you'll see).

Is this the mallard drake known as Eric?
 Baccharis pilularis (Dwarf Coyote Brush)
Baccharis pilularis (Dwarf Coyote Brush), close-up
Female Calypte anna
Heteromeles arbutifolia (Toyon)
Gulf fritillary on baja fairy dustrer-

Senna bicapsularis

November 11, 2017. I'm confident now, this is Eric T. Duck. Last year he had what appeared to us to be a severely injured leg. So much so we considered finding a way to help him. He still has a distinctive limp. Meanwhile we continue to wait on Docken duck and wonder what became of her ducklings from spring.

Leptotes marina on Westringia

Okay, just about to head out. Hopefully we'll find something new and exciting on this beautiful afternoon. Thanks for coming along!


  1. I'm glad you found your duck. The noID shrub looks a little like the yellow-flowered form of Eremophila maculata but I'm not sure.

  2. So glad you found Eric T Duck. Hoping Docken shows up soon !