Monday, June 30, 2014

Today's walk report: 062914, another weekend report

Temperature's rising...

It's certainly summer in SoCal (especially in this Valley!) and that typically means later walks and less light to work with.

Friday, 062714. A nice evening stroll into the garden...

Black chinned hummingbird on desert willow.
This rufous hummingbird seemed a little ticked off over something.

Night blooming cacti are currently in abundance.

Another dove on a wire.

Saturday, 062814... A little earlier today and we were really sweating it.

Cabbage white (Pieris rapae)

Wings open... These are not the markings common to images I've found and photos I've taken in the past of Pieris rapae. However, it looks like a cabbage white for the most part and I come up empty in searching a more positive ID. Maybe it's a gender thing? Any corrections are welcome.

Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) on narrow-leaved milkweed.

I find it remarkable how well the birds pick the dried out silver sage flowers for seeds, all without disturbing the husks.

Sunday, 062914...

It was hot so the walk started late. Shadows were besieging the garden upon our arrival. I went straight to the milkweed to visit monarch caterpillars and it turned out to be a wise decision.

Paper wasps are known to eat destructive insects but I noticed it left the monarch caterpillars alone, for the most part. The caterpillars thrashed a bit too when the wasp got too close.

Paper wasp and monarch caterpillar, lower left corner.

This one is at peace.
and a ladybug minds its own business.

While the sun sets behind a sea of white flowers...

Thanks for coming along!

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